From START to Valedictory of Jute Crafts Designs Contest

Jute  Crafts  Design  Contest

Introduction about the “Jute Crafts Design Contest :

A  One day State level “Jute Crafts Design contest”  was organized jointly by National Jute Board (NJB), Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India in association with NIFT-TEA Knitwear Fashion Institute(Tirupur),  on 28th Dec’11 at Tirupur,  Tamilnadu, INDIA.  Students & Designers from 25 Fashion / Design /Arts  Colleges / Institutes participated enthusiastically and created / introduced various New & Novel designs of Jute  Crafts & made-ups during the Contest, and the  “Award-Winning  Jute Exhibits”  and some  other  Selective New Designer Jute products  are  displayed  in this Blogspot here, along  with the Designer/ contestant  details,  for the  information of  New & Existing  Jute entrepreneurs, to try out different range of Jute Crafts.  The  Designs exhibited in this Blog are  only  for informative  purpose  only.

In  this  section,  Author  has  attempted to show the whole event of the "Jute Designs Contest", a Mega Event,  held on 28th Dec'11, at  NIFT-TEA, Tirupur,  through  Photos & Videos,  taken   during the event : 
Registration  Process :

Participants  at  the  Waiting  Hall  :

On  SPOT  Jute  Crafts making  :

Designers / Participants,  showcasing their  Jute Craftsmanship & innovation,  to the Judges :

Photos  during Valedictory Function

Detailed REPORT of Jute Crafts Design Contest

Jute  Crafts  Design  Contest
National Jute Board (NJB), Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India in association with NIFT-TEA Knitwear Fashion Institute, an exclusive educational institute for Knitwear Fashion Education, promoted by Tirupur Exporters’ Association, organized a One day State level “Jute Crafts Design contest”  at  NIFT-TEA  fashion  Design  Institute, on 28th Dec’11 at Tirupur.
Recent days, the Industry is expected to produce products that are Eco-friendly, Trendy, recyclable and economical.  The market and customers too have started demanding these aspects in the products they buy and use.  In this situation, NJB is taking sincere efforts to promote the materials like Jute which is versatile and 100% Bio degradable.  Next to cotton, jute is the only natural plant fibers that are available in bulk. 
To promote the Eco friendly designing culture, and  “Go Green”  initiative,  being popularly practiced in US & European Countries,  NJB is taking continuous steps to improve domestic and export business by extending  various support schemes to small scale industries.  As an attempt in this regard NJB in association with NIFT-TEA  organized a one day state level Jute Craft Design contest on 28th December 2011 at NIFT-TEA Campus at Tirupur.
NIFT-TEA,   with its vast potential and expertise  has been rightly involved in the organizing of this event  to make the  event colorful.   NIFT-TEA  made  necessary infrastructure for  distribution of  FREE-Jute Fabrics to  different  Fashion  institutes  and also  Free-Shuttle Bus  facilities  during the  event,   from  Tirupur  railway  station,  to  cater to the Outstation participants  and Free Lunch arrangements  for the participants.  More  than  50 volunteers  were  involved in this Mega  event,  for  guiding the participants, starting  from  the  Registration process   and  upto  the final judgment process  and Valedictory function.
The event was well  co-ordinated  under the leadership of Shri. Sivagnanam, Vice-Principal, NIFT-TEA  &  Mr. Viswanathan, Programme Co-ordinator, NIFT-TEA and the  student volunteers,  from  the  start to the Valedictory. 
This event is FIRST  of its kind, in India,  by  National Jute Board(NJB),  and this Design competition attempts to give creative designers & students from all over the state, a chance to show cause their talents.  The participant designers who can be either individual or students, were provided Jute fabrics at “Free of cost”,  by NJB  through  NIFT-TEA.  The Designers experimented their creativity and innovation to convert the base Jute fabric into various value added products categorized into Designer Bags, Wall Hangings and Decorative Made-ups.  The  participants were also allowed to finish  their products at home with  the  fabric  provided by NJB/NIFT-TEA,  and to exhibit the same and there  was also “On the Spot”  crafts making to produce Trendy Jute products,  under the Different Categories,  indicated by the organisors,  between 10 am to 12 noon,  on 28th Dec’11.   Nearly 800 number of students and Designers ,  from  various places, like Chennai, Coimbatore, Erode, Karur, Salem, Tuticorin, Cochin and  Tirupur, collected  the FREE Jute fabrics from NIFT-TEA & NJB,  for  this  purpose  and showed off their expertise, in  different  forms and different collections,  under  the  above  specified  categories.  The  Judges  were  both from Jute Industry & Business Consultants,  namely, Mrs.Vedhavalli of M/s. Leclar Impex, Chennai, Mr. Ramesh of M/s. Royal Jute, Chennai  and Mr. G.Manikandan of M/s.Apparel Global Consulting, Tirupur and Mrs.Arundathi Ghosal, HOD of Fashion Designing, NIFT-TEA.  Judges  had  great  difficulty  in  judging  the Special features and Product Superiority,  due  to multi-Utility products and product diversity, by the  students  from nearly  25  colleges & individuals.
More than 550 participants turned out with Highly designer Jute Products with their imagination and talent  and the  products were of  varied  form,  like Jute Decorative Crown (meant for Rajas), Jute Watches, Jute wall  paintings of Workmanship and decoration, Jute bags in varied shapes and unimaginable designs,  Designer clocks, Jute Jewel Box, Lamp shade, Jute flower-vase, Jute ornaments,  and  many more  collections  were  presented  by the  student  designers, at this  State level contest.    
Shri. Raja. M. Shanmugam,  Chairman, NIFT-TEA Knitwear Fashion Institute, made  the welcome  & presidential  address.  
Honourable Shri.M. Mathivanan, IAS,  District Collector, Tirupur,  presided as  Chief  Guest of this Mega Event, and distributed the prizes to the Best Designer & Craftsman, at different categories,  at NIFT-TEA Auditorium.  Collector  appreciated  the  efforts of  NIFT-TEA and also National jute Board, in organizing  this promotional event, at Tirupur.   Chief Guest also praised the Craftmanship , Design ability & imagination of the participants, in coming out with such varied nature of products,  from the Eco-friendly fibre “Jute”   and  also he pointed out that, it is the right attempt  for bringing in such productive contests among the students, to face the international market requirement for “Green & environment friendly products”.  Chief Guest also invited the organisors, to showcase these Jute collections, in the forthcoming Government Trade fair, to be organized at Tirupur, during January, for creating awareness among  the  general  public also about the  range of eco-friendly jute products and  also to make them understand about the design talents of NIFT-TEA students & other fashion institute participants. 

Shri. T. Ayyappan,  Market Promotion Officer, National Jute Board, Govt. of India, in his address,  pointed out that, the idea of this Contest was initiated from the NIFT-TEA students  and later transpired to organize this State level Mega contest.   Mr. Ayyappan pointed out the co-operation and support extended by NIFT-TEA authorities, in  making this Mega event, very successful  and  also highlighted the special products created by the Designers, in this contest.  One of the Participant also had come out a Jute knee band, as a pain reliever, under Surgical products  and other decorative products such as Jute Crown & Jute watches, were also worth mentioning, he added. 
In  order to appreciate  & praise the efforts  of existing Talented Jute entrepreneurs,  Extra-Ordinary Jute Entrepreneur  Awards  were given to Jute entrepreneurs Mrs.Vedhavalli of M/s. Leclar Impex, Chennai, Mr. Ramesh of M/s. Royal Jute, Chennai  & Mr. Sathyan of M/s. Chic crafts.

Avinashilingam University, Coimbatore, bagged  5 prizes, in different  categories, and Thiyagaraja Polytechnic, Salem bagged  2 prizes, and Alumni of NIFT-TEA  bagged  2  prizes while PSG Tech, PSG Arts, Park College, Hindusthan College, Kumaruguru College and Arul Murugan Polytechnic bagged One  Prize, each. All other participants received certificate of participants.
 Shri. P. Moghan, Vice-Chairman (Fin.) & Shri. S. Dhananjayan, Chairman, ADC  were also present and graced this One Day Jute Crafts Contest.
The program ended with vote of thanks by Dr.N.Gokarneshan, Principal, NIFT TEA.

Video Clip  on the Doordarshan (Podhigai) TV News Coverage about the Jute Crafts Contest  on 28th Dec’2011