Award Winning Jute Crafts during the Jute Crafts Contest at Tirupur

Award Winning  Jute  Crafts

Jute Crafts  selected Under the Wall Decorative  Category

First  prize Winner 

Contestant   Name :  Mr. Sutharshan .V    from Thiyagaraja Polytechnic,  Salem

Second  prize Winner
Contestant Name : Mr. V. Prem Kumar  of Park's  College,  Tirupur

Third  prize Winner-1
Contestant  Name :  Ms. Afrin  of  Avinasilingam College, Coimbatore
Third  prize Winner-2

Contestant  Name :  Sruthi Rateria  of  PSG  Arts, Coimbatore  
 Third  prize Winner-3
Contestant  Name :  Ms. S. Vimala  devi  of Thiyagarajar Polytechnic,  Salem

Jute Crafts  selected Under the Crafts & Made-ups  Category

First  prize Winner
Decorative  Lamp-Shade
Contestant  name :  Ms. R. Gayathri  of  Avinashilingam College,  Coimbatore

Second  prize Winner
Decorative  Cushion Cover & Decorative Table Mat
Contestant  Name : Ms. K. Chitra  of  Avinashilingam College,  Coimbatore

Third  prize Winner - 1
Table Top Decorative Pen Holder
Contestant Name :  Ms. D. Rithanya  of  Avinashilingam College,  Coimbatore
 Third  prize Winner - 2
Kit Bag & Accessories
Contestant  Name :  Ms. Nirmala  Jency  of  Hindustan  College, Coimbatore 
Third  prize Winner - 3
Cushion   Cover
Contestant  Name  : R.P. Jayadarani,  PSG  Arts,   Coimbatore

Jute Crafts  selected Under the Designer Bags  Category

Contestant  Name  :  Ms.  Mohana  -  Ex-Student  of  NIFT-TEA
Contestant  Name  :  Ms. S. Renuka  of Avinashilingham  College,  Coimbatore
Contestant  Name  :  Mr. Ravi Sankar  of  Kalasingam College  of  Tech,  Coimbatore

Jute Crafts  selected Under the Consolation Prize  Category
Jute Light-Weight Decorative table ( Coffee  Table)    Designed  by  Ms. Jarna Shah of Intl. Institute of Fashion Designing ( INIFD), Chennai